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All Weather

This new generation of All Weather tires works as a hybrid between a summer and winter tire for performance flexibility throughout the seasons. The asymmetrical tread design combines the best of summer and winter performances, while the optimal density of sipes on the inner and outer treads increase the area of traction and improves handling.

Name: TRU-TRAC SU Flex
Rating: UTQG 320 A A


A specially engineered tread profile.

Tread profile resists irregular wear for longer tire life and durability.

Asymmetrical tread pattern.

Augmented tread pattern combines the best of summer and winter tread design for excellent all weather performance.

Inner zigzag grooves.

Inner grooves with multiple biting edges designed for safe performance during challenging conditions throughout the seasons.

Optimal density of summer and winter sipes.

Winter sipes on the inner tread increases the surface area of traction, while summer sipes on the outer tread provide optimum handling and stability.