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True to the Armstrong TRU-TRAC legacy, this SUV tire provides reduced rolling resistance and increased wet grip, plus a shoulder base that inhibits block wriggling and tire deformity. Stiff sidewalls absorb impact and improve ride comfort while a wide footprint enhances overall driving safety and stability.

Category: Sport Utility Vehicle
Rating: UTQG 440 A A


Cross-linked sipes.

Specially engineered cross-linked sipes on the inner ribs reduce rolling resistance and increase grip in wet conditions.

A wide footprint.

A wide “footprint” — the portion of the tire’s tread that makes contact with the road surface — provides overall driving safety and stability.

A unique sidewall construction.

A unique sidewall construction absorbs impact on uneven roads to enhance ride comfort.

A shoulder bottom base.

A shoulder bottom base and blocks retain continuity by reducing block wriggling and tire deformation.