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Mud Terrain


An homage to the original Desert Dog, this MT tire is built to withstand harsh off-road conditions while providing maximum grip, traction, and pulling power. Rugged sidewalls act as a shield absorbing shock while wide shoulder scallops drain water to help fight aquaplaning.

Name: Desert Dog MT


Zigzag stone ejectors.

These stone ejectors are situated between tread blocks to prevent damage from stones and other objects, providing better handling and increasing durability.

TUFF Tuskā„¢ tread blocks.

Inspired by the grit of Tuffy the Rhino, these tread blocks provide maximum grip, traction, and pulling power on muddy terrains and other challenging road conditions.

Rugged sidewall blocks.

With a 3-ply polyester construction, these sidewall blocks act as a shield to protect against shocks from off-road obstacles.

Wide, angled shoulder scallops.

Designed with a higher void ratio, these shoulder scallops provide great off-road traction, self-cleaning abilities, and better water drainage to fight hydroplaning.

Special tread compound.

This specially made compound provides enhanced grip on rocks and slippery surfaces while maximizing protection against wear and tear.