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Steer Axle

A steer axle tire exclusively designed with ‘All Position’ capability for regional applications with square shoulders to combat irregular wear, enhance cornering, and deliver long mileage, remarkable road grip in both dry and wet conditions, and a special tread compound that provides extraordinary resistance against abrasion.

Category: Regional


Excellent road grip.

Siping on the tread offers remarkable road grip in both dry and wet conditions.

Enhanced cornering and long mileage.

Square shoulders combat irregular wear, enhancing cornering and delivering long mileage.

Extraordinary resistance.

A special tread compound offers extraordinary resistance against abrasion.


Tire SizePRLoad & Speed
Rim Width
Max. Load (Single)
Max. Load (Dual)
Inflation Pressure
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth
315/80R22.5 16161/157K9.0010195909512511.142.913.5


  • Trailer Truck (Steer)
  • Trailer Truck (Drive)
  • Garbage Truck (Steer)
  • Cement Truck (Steer)