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Steer Axle

Next generation steer pattern designed for long-haul and regional applications features strong shoulder ribs and a five-rib tread for exceptional steering, zigzag grooves for quicker water evacuation, specially designed sipes to resist irregular wear, and an innovative tread compound that increases mileage while reducing fuel consumption.

Category: Trailer / Regional
EPA SmartWay® Verified


Strong Shoulder Ribs

And a five-rib tread pattern designed for exceptional steering, while a pyramid-base rib design offers reduced rolling
resistance that evolves with wear.

Four Wide Zigzag Grooves

Specially designed to ensure quicker water evacuation and avoid stone trap and casing damage.

Specially Designed Sipes

reduce braking distance and increase resistance against irregular wear.


Tire SizePRLoad & Speed
Rim Width
Max. Load (Single)
Max. Load (Dual)
Inflation Pressure
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth


  • Trailer Truck (Steer)