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All Position

An all position tire for regional and limited long haul applications with an optimized wider tread design to deliver longer mileage, enhanced contact patch area to reduce wear rate, shallow tread to reduce rolling resistance and resist heat buildup, and solid shoulder ribs to resist maneuvering scrub.

Category: Regional


Increased longevity.

An optimized wider tread tread design delivers longer mileage, while an enhanced contact patch area reduces wear rate.

Enhanced resistance to maneuvering scrub.

Solid shoulder ribs help in resist maneuvering scrub.

Reduced rolling resistance.

Shallow tread reduces rolling resistance while combating heat buildup and scrubbing in low platform trailer applications.


Tire SizePRLoad & Speed
Rim Width
Max. Load (Single)
Max. Load (Dual)
Inflation Pressure
Section Width
Overall Diameter
Tread Depth


  • Trailer Truck (Trailer)
  • Trailer Truck
  • Box Truck (All Position)